New work by Jodie Herrera and Casey Kawaguchi

June 19th through July 10th

Curated By: Lorenzo Talcott

Jodie Herrera’s photo realism oil paintings are depictions of women that have overcome trauma. She visually narrates her model’s personal stories of resilience and strength through symbolism within her paintings. Herrera strives to celebrate and empower her models, hoping they may be a source of inspiration for others that are going through a similar experience. Jodie’s newest work is in support of the black lives matter movement and responds to the injustice our black community faces. In this exhibition Jodie has created work that reflects her time in quarantine. These pieces speak to the masses as well as her individual experience during this time of great loss and isolation. Jodie’s work is intended to be a platform for important issues as well as acting as a catalyst for positive change. 


Casey Kawaguchi’s newest works are a result of passion and pressure. They are a representation of going inward and creating your own certainty in such an uncertain time. Casey connects to both his most delicate and powerful sense of self during this era of solitude and self-reflection.

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In the light of the current Covid 19 crisis to protect our guests and staff below are the details of how we are going to operate safely moving forward with our exhibitions until further notice. 


  • Patrons will sign up on the schedule for a 30-minute time slot to view the show, allowing 25 minutes of viewing time and 5 minutes to wrap-up/exit
  • It is recommended to sign up as pairs; there will be a maximum 8 guests and 2 staff in the gallery
  • Please arrive at the gallery doors 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time, you are welcome to wait in your cars or the outdoor area until then (please practice social distancing)
  • Once inside the gallery, minimize touching surfaces and each other, wear masks at all times, and sanitize on the way in and out. 


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