collaboration work BY
 Julio Alejandro and Jack Estenssoro

Curated By: Lorenzo Talcott

The artists in this exhibition demonstrate painting’s relevance today, stemming from its versatility and potential for obliterating boundaries. As the artists skillfully blend their diverse techniques through collaborative works, they reflect today’s iconoclasm while also paying homage to surrealism, formalism, and time travel as it appears in pop culture. The result is a hybridized, yet balanced, satirical body of work that could perhaps only be accomplished when channeled through the minds of three of Denver’s most promising young painters.

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-Patrons will sign up on the schedule for a 30 minute time-slot to view the show, allowing 25 minutes of viewing time and 5 minutes to wrap-up/exit
-It is recommended to sign up as pairs; there will be a maximum 8 guests and 2 staff in the gallery
-Please arrive at the gallery doors 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time, you are welcome to wait in your cars or the outdoor area until then (please practice social distancing)
-Once inside the gallery, minimize touching surfaces and each other, wear mask at all times, and sanitize on the way in and out

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