The manifestation of “Mad One” artist/curator began in 2001 as
he began working on character and letter based illustrative
work, which carried a unique style. Rooted with influence picked
up from hip-hop, Warhol and years of painting in the streets and
the train yards back on the east coast of the U.S. where the artist
With intentions of experimenting to see how far one could
elevate the name and stimulate one’s surroundings. The artists
creation process and consistency in turn has made “Mad One”
one of the most innovative street artists emerging in today’s
urban art world.
The artist famed for his daytime antics street art installations
ranging from Arizona and up along the west coast. His work to
date is vibrant, mixed media, abstract reflection of one’s
environment and influences.
“Mad One” artwork can be found in high demand auction
houses, galleries and museums ranging from the U.S., Australia,
Canada, London, France and beyond.
The project attempts to stimulate curiosity, catalyze thoughtful
dialogue and visually stimulate one’s environment.
All in the name of fun!…

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