Danny Balderas

Danny Balderas an artist from Kinston, North Carolina. From a young age Danny would draw comic book characters on notebook paper and sell in middle school. Growing up he was introduced to the skate scene and the fashion aspect of it inspired by a series of shoes created by Chad Muska, fascinated by how different colors and tags were layered on top of each other, describing it a “Beautiful Mess”. He would go on to pick up his first canvas and paints to recreate that. After high school Danny didn’t have any plans to attend college. He instead got a small job as a waiter and would stay in his room all day painting after work. Not really focused on making money from his work, that all changed when someone offered $300 for one of his paintings, more then he made a week at work. Applying the marketing skills he had learned from school Danny would go on to sell more of his art and put the money right back into his art. After losing the fear of painting on small canvases Danny would only want to go bigger and bigger eventually hitting the streets with his art. He would later go back to his roots that inspired him in the first place which was fashion. Creating many custom pieces of art on denim jackets. H is work is a mixture of graffiti and abstract with a mixed media style inspired by pop culture and icons. As a young artist he wanted to develop art with personal meaning. not only does he create because he loves art but also in hopes of inspiring someone else, to let there mind flourish with creativity. Everyday he is learning new ways to express himself and finding new mediums to work with. His goal is to develop unique pieces of art that people can connect with.

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