Riley Avery Montag

Riley is a visual artist based in Colorado Springs, jumping between painting and drawing, and working with metals for jewelry and small sculptural pieces. Their interest in art started when they were young; while they took a few basic art classes through high school, the majority of their work and learning has been self-guided.
Natural and organic themes are mixed with intentional, bold line work and colour. Heavily inspired by art nouveau and surreal styles, their passion is constantly trying to find ways to marry these interests in offbeat, unique ways.

Austin Kent

Austin Kent seeks to use his artwork to explore concepts relating to humanity, nature, and the connections in between.
Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado Austin Kent has been doing art as long as he can remember. At the age of four he was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent the next four years going through chemotherapy treatment.  Throughout his treatment, drawing was a vital ally that help him deal with what was going on in his life. He has held onto his love for visual art, and discovered the power of creating as a means of healing, playing, and meditating.  He has a love for nature that was instilled in him by his father, who is an avid hiker and plant lover. This love, along with his extroverted tendencies, led him to become a university student studying Geography and Environmental Science. Kent hopes to use his education and artwork to explore ways of helping others find hope and health within their own lives, as well as to advocate for more environmentally responsible collective action.  

Juan Morales

Within my work, I find myself caught in the grey area existing between creation and destruction. This environment heavily impacts my thought process, as well as the materials I choose to work with; typically, it’s within this space I question reality and contemplate the human condition. Most of my work is emblematic of this, and how we interact and impact each other, as well as our environments.