Born and raised right here in Denver I grew up skateboarding, snowboarding and playing music. These hobbies showed me a path of inspiration and creativity that would be the driving force into my passion of being a professional Artist. As a result my artwork tries to carry that thrill and adrenaline that skateboarding and graffiti has shown me. Utilizing the skills from graffiti and fine art allows me to transform my designs into original and creative works. My unique perspective allows me to create work that is purposeful and intended to engage the audience in a influential way. My work generally includes subject matter of conflicting oppositions. For example my newest works have been created by layering colors of multi medias that include tropical and floral patterns that accent a bird of my choice. Along with these natural and organic compositions I like to add abstract gestural marks and patterns like brick and other forms of shapes that represent industrial man made themes. Overall this juxtaposition between nature and industry is supposed to make the viewer question his or her relationship with nature and the over abundance of technology.