Patrick “Kane” McGregor is a Colorado native born in Denver. At a young age McGregor found interest in comic books and especially the art of Frank Frazetta, which inspired him to draw. After his parents divorce led him to the Bay Area, McGregor found graffiti and focused on this heavily for the next eight years. He moved to Portland Oregon after the birth of his son, only to discover the lost art of photo realistic hand-painted billboards. He saw a man hanging from a building painting a Blockbuster Video advertisement. This working artist, Art Pastusak, became McGregor’s first fine art teacher, informing him how to use an academic and fine art approach in realism and using oils and brushes. After persistence the owner of the mural company hired him to apprentice and clean Pastusak’s brushes just to witness and learn this seemingly fleeting occupation. McGregor quickly understood color theory and anatomy within five years.

After more than two decades painting these large-scale advertisements, McGregor perfected his style to paint the art of photo realism combined with traditional sign painting. He worked with various advertising and outdoor sign companies, many of which he still freelances with. That work led him to New York, where he lived and worked from 2007-2012. After moving back to Colorado in 2012, the style he portrays in his dog portraits, art and murals is a mixture of all of these art forms combined. Pen and ink, graffiti, sign painting and oil painting.

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