@Miss.meeg developed a passion for art and people from a very young age while growing up on the East coast. She then dove deeper into her art while pursuing a B.F.A. in printmaking and anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. Many countries, and a few states later, Meeg arrived to Denver. Over the past decade she’s come to call it home, and serve the city at some of its’ iconic bars and establishments. During this time, her artistic career has grown through local group snd solo shows, a number of benefits, and more recently, murals. In her work Meeg strives to tap into the magical and mystical of the human experience through totemic animals. Her aesthetic has grown from very meticulous and meditative patterns, developed from her time as a printmaker, to now combine mediums such as photography, watercolors, and spray paint. Over the more recent years she’s sought to also highlight the city she loves. Some of these bodies of work are: ‘Colfax Creatures’, and ‘Respect the Architects’. Meeg is grateful for the amount of constant inspiration her peers and Denver community always provide!


**Miss Meeg is DONATING her proceeds to Tooey’s Off Colfax and The 715 Club. “These two businesses have supported me through the past four years in different platforms, and I would love to return the favor”-Meeg**