Laura spent most of her adolescents in the mountains of the small town Nederland, Colorado. She discovered her natural talent in art from an early age; that art was her truest form of personal expression as well as a valuable tool to help her cope with a difficult childhood. She excelled in both drawing and sculpture by the time she graduated High School.
In her early twenties she was accepted a tattoo apprenticeship at one of the top shops in Denver, The Blue Door Tattoo. She has been a tattoo artist there ever since, going on 14+ years now and counting!
She was a member of a chalk art group for 6 years, creating chalk murals for events such as the Denver Chalk Art Festival and Festival Italiano; and had the honor of helping create a large chalk mural at DIA (Denver International Airport) in 2017. She separated from the group in 2018 and has since branched out on her own pursuing her personal art career as a professional and commissioned artist. She currently specializes in permanent chalk paintings, art for chalk events and wall murals, along with various other mediums and projects.
Laura’s desire to create and collaborate is ever present; along with eagerness to learn and grow in the field of art. With a portfolio that continues to grow, covering various fields and mediums, she is always ready for the next project.
Produces art in the following mediums: Tattoo, Henna, Temporary Street Chalk, Permanent Chalk

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