Artist Support

It’s like as soon as we opened our doors it was time to shut it down because of COVID-19 pandemic . We want to thank everyone that showed love and support while we were operating, and also the people that had intentions to come see our space. With so many uncertainties about when this will blow over, ILA is still trying to create opportunities for the artist community. Lots of our friends and family members have worked really hard and many years to make being an artist their primary means of employment and income. Being deemed non essential, the way art moves naturally through the world to end up in our homes and walls in our neighborhoods has come to a crawl. So we decided to open up our e-commerce digital platform for artist to use to promote and sell their work while maintaining social distancing practices. We want to sell prints for artist who don’t have the infrastructure set up as of yet to do so themselves. ILA will produce the physical print , handle all the backend web work, and handle fulfillment, we just need you to get the art to us, so we can get a check to you or an artist you want to support. Please share this opportunity with your friends and family, or submit a print of your own by following the link In the bio.

Opportunity to sell on eCommerce retail site

Given the COVID-19 outbreak and the shutdown of the city, ILA Gallery is asking artists to submit 1-2 original images for exclusive production and sale of high-quality prints via eCommerce website until October 2020. Artist will be hand picked and commission 50% of profit after the cost of print production. This is intended to provide a retail platform to artists during the social distancing and time of need.

  • Email documents to or follow link
  • Image must be exclusive, original, printable to 16" X 20" or 18" X 24" and at least 300 DPI (no exceptions)
  • Prints will be of highest of quality and sold for between $100-$150
  • Link for social media online promotion will be available
  • Artist biography and headshot for promotion