Hershey B. Bautista was born and raised in the tropical islands of the Philippines spending most of her free time climbing trees and playing with ducks on the family farm. The Philippines rich, fertile land cultivated sprawling jungles, exotic wildlife, and a little girls’ untamable imagination. At a young age Hershey moved to Colorado, where she grew and developed her love for art. Hershey has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. Currently residing in California, she acquired her Master’s in Fine Art Drawing and Painting at Academy of Art University. Hershey’s preferred medium is oil paint but she also enjoys exploring other mediums, while her work focuses on visually telling stories from experiences and notions challenging morality. Interested in working and developing characters with substance of kindness, humor and intrigue, Hershey is inspired by creative imageries that tells exhilarating stories. Artists such as Mark Tansey, Jenny Saville, Jeff Koons, Yoshitomo Nara, Jeremy Geddes, Jana Brike, and Takashi Murakami are some of the artists she admires.

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