My name is Connor Ray and I am a Denver based creative. I was born in raised in the DMV, but have had the opportunity to live in various states, Hawaii being one of them. I took this picture during one of my last days on the island before moving to LA for a short period of time and then ultimately relocating to Denver. Having grown up in what is arguably the biggest melting pot in the world (D.C.) I was fortunate to be surrounded by various cultures from all over the world, and befriend people from said various cultures. These friends would invite me to their homes, teach me their languages, break bread with me, and show me their music. This led to a fascination and love for culture, and wanting to fully amerce myself within any and every culture and learn as much as I could and document it along the way in hopes to mitigate the misunderstandings of said cultures. This photo doesn’t have anything to do with culture, but its one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken because it shows the co-existance between the bee and flower and how the two need each other to continue to survive. Much how we as society, now more than ever need one another to survive. Being that we are all stuck at home right now, I hope this photo can bring piece to those who see it and be a constant reminder of the beauty that is nature.

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