Lily Dorian

My work stems from a place of longing and uncertainty in the feelings that surround loss and heartbreak. Photography is an important medium that I explore as I begin to think about these memories that are forever captured with a camera. My photography evokes the themes of intimacy and the feeling of a personal connection that comes from self-portraiture photography. I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelors of Studio Art and I am excited to be set free into the world of art.

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William Davis

My name is William Davis. I’m a 33 year old nurse working in Germany. I’m from Texas, but been living all over the world in the past decade. I started posting my art online about three years ago. My art is a reflection of my life through my interests, my experiences, and my travels. I’m finding ideas whether it’s at work dealing with all the emotions in the hospital or wandering around cities like Tokyo, Seattle, Paris, Cairo, and London.

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Tuke was raised by creative parents which exposed him to the fine art world of the southwest.  He travelled to Colorado to further his education and encountered other fellow creatives with similar interests. This began a life long journey of painting, design, and large scale murals. He has been working as an artist for many years doing graffiti, graphic design, illustration, street art.

Isaac Liverpool

My name is Isaac Liverpool I am originally born in Washington D.C. and raised in Silver Spring MD. Growing up in the DMV in the ’90s it introduced me to many influences that sparked my creativity which lead me to pursue art. My love for cartoons, hip hop, comic books, anime, and Graffiti all played a part in helping me create my world. My philosophy when it comes to creating art is the same philosophy, I apply to my life which is to “always evolve but never losing my essence” I want to show the world my growth through my artwork as I mature throughout my career. I want my supporters to come along with me as I embark on this journey of self-truth. My goal is to one day own and operate my own Urban art gallery that supports local artists and to open my doors to the black youth to explore their creativity in a safe, inspiring and loving environment.

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James Cintron

I believe that psychedelia provides a gateway to our liminal minds therefore allowing our subconscious to speak through us. In my work I attempt to explore imagery that speaks to me personally but also retains a psychedelic element, often times using optical illusions, deconstructive abstraction and provocative imagery.

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Josh Stein

Josh Stein is a lifelong multi-mode creative artist, musician, writer, professor, and adult beverage maker. With formal training in calligraphy, graphic design, and color work; more than two decades as a researcher, teacher, and writer in cultural analysis in the vein of the Birmingham and Frankfurt Schools; and a decade and a half as a commercial artist and designer for multiple winery clients; he brings his influences of Pop art, Tattoo flash and lining techniques, and Abstract Surrealism and Expressionism to the extreme edge where graphic design and calligraphy meet the Platonic theory of forms. The resulting metallic inks and acrylics on canvas delight and perplex, moving between the worlds of solidity and abstraction.

“My current work is driven by a key question: can Platonic ideals be made manifest in ink and acrylic on canvas? The rest is by turns pretty interesting, trippy, and weird visual speculation. The resulting “color-blocking” is a mischievous way to see the world, allowing a washing away of grim realities into a purer, more inherently positive realm. It’s an arrangement of return to childhood’s wisdom: delight in imagery itself. Equally, the repurposing of mediums intended for mass production–metallic inks and acrylic paints–into singular hand-drawn or -painted pieces gives me and brings to others joy, for metallics zing with a life force I have not found elsewhere in other mediums. As such, these are primal works focusing on vision, order, and patterning, the metallics creating a deliberate shimmering effect, necessitating multiple viewpoints to appreciate fully and requiring an active participation in the art’s presencing, which is why my most abstract of forms come alive on the canvas, imbued with an incomparable, unique energy.

I am attempting to re-orient what “wine country” art can and should be. Rather than tourist-driven imagery, I work to bring more formal approaches to the surroundings and equally allow them to inspire me in ways both direct and indirect. My work, in particular my movement into the use of metallics in various ways, stems directly from the life force around me in the Napa Valley, a place I have grown to know far more intimately than even most locals because of my many years in the wine industry. Equally, I am an artist living and working in the world of the 2020s, so my pieces branch off in different directions, some more explicitly political, some deliberately refusing to engage with those levels of culture altogether so as to focus on other insights into the universe itself. Optical Art is participatory–the viewer must contribute, and does so individually and idiosyncratically–in order for the pieces to function anywhere close to the creators’ intentions. That looseness constrained by interaction is the interesting space I am exploring and hoping to showcase.”

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Ruben has always found inspiration from HannahxBarbera and Tex Avery cartoons. Growing up in NY with heavy city influences, he developed respect for graffiti writing. Doodling from a very young age, after serving in the Marine Corps, Rube found himself collaborating with RedBull and High Times Magazine designing fashion shows in large cities and becoming a favored name in the Cannabis art industry. He began painting murals in the city of Denver and quickly expanded to both coasts with appearances at Art Basel Miami, San Francisco Southern California and the Midwest. 

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Rob Bowers

Born and raised right here in Denver I grew up skateboarding, snowboarding and playing music. These hobbies showed me a path of inspiration and creativity that would be the driving force into my passion of being a professional Artist. As a result my artwork tries to carry that thrill and adrenaline that skateboarding and graffiti has shown me. Utilizing the skills from graffiti and fine art allows me to transform my designs into original and creative works. My unique perspective allows me to create work that is purposeful and intended to engage the audience in a influential way. My work generally includes subject matter of conflicting oppositions. For example my newest works have been created by layering colors of multi medias that include tropical and floral patterns that accent a bird of my choice. Along with these natural and organic compositions I like to add abstract gestural marks and patterns like brick and other forms of shapes that represent industrial man made themes. Overall this juxtaposition between nature and industry is supposed to make the viewer question his or her relationship with nature and the over abundance of technology.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor

Patrick “Kane” McGregor is a Colorado native born in Denver. At a young age McGregor found interest in comic books and especially the art of Frank Frazetta, which inspired him to draw. After his parents divorce led him to the Bay Area, McGregor found graffiti and focused on this heavily for the next eight years. He moved to Portland Oregon after the birth of his son, only to discover the lost art of photo realistic hand-painted billboards. He saw a man hanging from a building painting a Blockbuster Video advertisement. This working artist, Art Pastusak, became McGregor’s first fine art teacher, informing him how to use an academic and fine art approach in realism and using oils and brushes. After persistence the owner of the mural company hired him to apprentice and clean Pastusak’s brushes just to witness and learn this seemingly fleeting occupation. McGregor quickly understood color theory and anatomy within five years.

After more than two decades painting these large-scale advertisements, McGregor perfected his style to paint the art of photo realism combined with traditional sign painting. He worked with various advertising and outdoor sign companies, many of which he still freelances with. That work led him to New York, where he lived and worked from 2007-2012. After moving back to Colorado in 2012, the style he portrays in his dog portraits, art and murals is a mixture of all of these art forms combined. Pen and ink, graffiti, sign painting and oil painting.

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Manuel Aragon

Manuel Aragon is Latinx writer, director, and photographer originally from and based out of Denver, CO. My work has been featured on MTV, Pitchfork, and Stereogum.

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