Ruben has always found inspiration from HannahxBarbera and Tex Avery cartoons. Growing up in NY with heavy city influences, he developed respect for graffiti writing. Doodling from a very young age, after serving in the Marine Corps, Rube found himself collaborating with RedBull and High Times Magazine designing fashion shows in large cities and becoming a favored name in the Cannabis art industry. He began painting murals in the city of Denver and quickly expanded to both coasts with appearances at Art Basel Miami, San Francisco Southern California and the Midwest. 

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Rob Bowers

Born and raised right here in Denver I grew up skateboarding, snowboarding and playing music. These hobbies showed me a path of inspiration and creativity that would be the driving force into my passion of being a professional Artist. As a result my artwork tries to carry that thrill and adrenaline that skateboarding and graffiti has shown me. Utilizing the skills from graffiti and fine art allows me to transform my designs into original and creative works. My unique perspective allows me to create work that is purposeful and intended to engage the audience in a influential way. My work generally includes subject matter of conflicting oppositions. For example my newest works have been created by layering colors of multi medias that include tropical and floral patterns that accent a bird of my choice. Along with these natural and organic compositions I like to add abstract gestural marks and patterns like brick and other forms of shapes that represent industrial man made themes. Overall this juxtaposition between nature and industry is supposed to make the viewer question his or her relationship with nature and the over abundance of technology.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor

Patrick “Kane” McGregor is a Colorado native born in Denver. At a young age McGregor found interest in comic books and especially the art of Frank Frazetta, which inspired him to draw. After his parents divorce led him to the Bay Area, McGregor found graffiti and focused on this heavily for the next eight years. He moved to Portland Oregon after the birth of his son, only to discover the lost art of photo realistic hand-painted billboards. He saw a man hanging from a building painting a Blockbuster Video advertisement. This working artist, Art Pastusak, became McGregor’s first fine art teacher, informing him how to use an academic and fine art approach in realism and using oils and brushes. After persistence the owner of the mural company hired him to apprentice and clean Pastusak’s brushes just to witness and learn this seemingly fleeting occupation. McGregor quickly understood color theory and anatomy within five years.

After more than two decades painting these large-scale advertisements, McGregor perfected his style to paint the art of photo realism combined with traditional sign painting. He worked with various advertising and outdoor sign companies, many of which he still freelances with. That work led him to New York, where he lived and worked from 2007-2012. After moving back to Colorado in 2012, the style he portrays in his dog portraits, art and murals is a mixture of all of these art forms combined. Pen and ink, graffiti, sign painting and oil painting.

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Manuel Aragon

Manuel Aragon is Latinx writer, director, and photographer originally from and based out of Denver, CO. My work has been featured on MTV, Pitchfork, and Stereogum.

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Lenson Benevides


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Miss Meeg

@Miss.meeg developed a passion for art and people from a very young age while growing up on the East coast. She then dove deeper into her art while pursuing a B.F.A. in printmaking and anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. Many countries, and a few states later, Meeg arrived to Denver. Over the past decade she’s come to call it home, and serve the city at some of its’ iconic bars and establishments. During this time, her artistic career has grown through local group snd solo shows, a number of benefits, and more recently, murals. In her work Meeg strives to tap into the magical and mystical of the human experience through totemic animals. Her aesthetic has grown from very meticulous and meditative patterns, developed from her time as a printmaker, to now combine mediums such as photography, watercolors, and spray paint. Over the more recent years she’s sought to also highlight the city she loves. Some of these bodies of work are: ‘Colfax Creatures’, and ‘Respect the Architects’. Meeg is grateful for the amount of constant inspiration her peers and Denver community always provide!


**Miss Meeg is DONATING her proceeds to Tooey’s Off Colfax and The 715 Club. “These two businesses have supported me through the past four years in different platforms, and I would love to return the favor”-Meeg**

Riley Avery Montag

Riley is a visual artist based in Colorado Springs, jumping between painting and drawing, and working with metals for jewelry and small sculptural pieces. Their interest in art started when they were young; while they took a few basic art classes through high school, the majority of their work and learning has been self-guided.
Natural and organic themes are mixed with intentional, bold line work and colour. Heavily inspired by art nouveau and surreal styles, their passion is constantly trying to find ways to marry these interests in offbeat, unique ways.

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Fa’al Ali

Entrepreneur and owner of Eazy Media and ILA Gallery, Fa’al Ali is happiest when he’s traveling and capturing the moments with the camera. He has extensive experience in multimedia, marketing, print design, commercial and web videography, video editing, sound design and 3D animation. Fa’al has been featured on Camber Outdoor Panel, Denver Start-up week panel, has served as a mentor and created URBN Media-a coworking space for minority owned business owners. Currently this diverse artist owns ILA Gallery and helps other artists elevate themselves. His love of nature is presented throughout his photography gallery and his work with lighting makes for the perfect prints.

**100% of artists proceeds will go to BirdSeed Collective **

Laura Thomas

Laura spent most of her adolescents in the mountains of the small town Nederland, Colorado. She discovered her natural talent in art from an early age; that art was her truest form of personal expression as well as a valuable tool to help her cope with a difficult childhood. She excelled in both drawing and sculpture by the time she graduated High School.
In her early twenties she was accepted a tattoo apprenticeship at one of the top shops in Denver, The Blue Door Tattoo. She has been a tattoo artist there ever since, going on 14+ years now and counting!
She was a member of a chalk art group for 6 years, creating chalk murals for events such as the Denver Chalk Art Festival and Festival Italiano; and had the honor of helping create a large chalk mural at DIA (Denver International Airport) in 2017. She separated from the group in 2018 and has since branched out on her own pursuing her personal art career as a professional and commissioned artist. She currently specializes in permanent chalk paintings, art for chalk events and wall murals, along with various other mediums and projects.
Laura’s desire to create and collaborate is ever present; along with eagerness to learn and grow in the field of art. With a portfolio that continues to grow, covering various fields and mediums, she is always ready for the next project.
Produces art in the following mediums: Tattoo, Henna, Temporary Street Chalk, Permanent Chalk

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Danny Balderas

Danny Balderas an artist from Kinston, North Carolina. From a young age Danny would draw comic book characters on notebook paper and sell in middle school. Growing up he was introduced to the skate scene and the fashion aspect of it inspired by a series of shoes created by Chad Muska, fascinated by how different colors and tags were layered on top of each other, describing it a “Beautiful Mess”. He would go on to pick up his first canvas and paints to recreate that. After high school Danny didn’t have any plans to attend college. He instead got a small job as a waiter and would stay in his room all day painting after work. Not really focused on making money from his work, that all changed when someone offered $300 for one of his paintings, more then he made a week at work. Applying the marketing skills he had learned from school Danny would go on to sell more of his art and put the money right back into his art. After losing the fear of painting on small canvases Danny would only want to go bigger and bigger eventually hitting the streets with his art. He would later go back to his roots that inspired him in the first place which was fashion. Creating many custom pieces of art on denim jackets. H is work is a mixture of graffiti and abstract with a mixed media style inspired by pop culture and icons. As a young artist he wanted to develop art with personal meaning. not only does he create because he loves art but also in hopes of inspiring someone else, to let there mind flourish with creativity. Everyday he is learning new ways to express himself and finding new mediums to work with. His goal is to develop unique pieces of art that people can connect with.

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