Austin Kent seeks to use his artwork to explore concepts relating to humanity, nature, and the connections in between.
Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado Austin Kent has been doing art as long as he can remember. At the age of four he was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent the next four years going through chemotherapy treatment.  Throughout his treatment, drawing was a vital ally that help him deal with what was going on in his life. He has held onto his love for visual art, and discovered the power of creating as a means of healing, playing, and meditating.  He has a love for nature that was instilled in him by his father, who is an avid hiker and plant lover. This love, along with his extroverted tendencies, led him to become a university student studying Geography and Environmental Science. Kent hopes to use his education and artwork to explore ways of helping others find hope and health within their own lives, as well as to advocate for more environmentally responsible collective action.  

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